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Almighty Sosa
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Hello Guild Member,

This thread will cover what you will need to know before raiding or doing events within Worldstar.

Before you raid, you must acquire preraid gear from vanilla dungeons. This will usually consist of blues and greens and if you are lucky, the occasional epic. Even if you are geared in lvl 60 tier you must still go and obtain preraid gear. This is because the main focus of the guild is to progress from preraid gear to eventually tier 2.5, which defeats the purpose if you're already fully geared.

Another thing you need to know is that your role within raids will dictate what gear you are allowed to need on. For example, if you are a Protection Warrior you cannot need on a 2h weapon if there is another player within your raid group that may need that weapon. However, if that person already has a better or equivalent weapon, you may need on it for your off-spec.

Materials required for professions or quests, that are obtained from raids, will be stored in the guild bank so that players who need them can access them.

When you join the guild you will be put into a raid group! Raid groups will be represented by letters e.g. a,b,c. This will not be the same as a team 1 and team 2 type deal, all groups are equal and just so that no disputes arise. Groups can be changed or altered at later dates. The groups can be found on the "Raid Groups" page at the top of the page.

Anything that I have missed or haven't clarified, please get in touch! (Comment below)

Thanks for reading,
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