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#12236075 Apr 03, 2016 at 10:14 PM
Almighty Sosa
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Some of you may wonder what this guild is. So I am here to answer that question!

This is a "twink" guild for level 60. A twink guild is essentially a guild full of players that try to get BiS (best in slot) gear for their characters which are level capped at a certain level (in this case 60).

Why the quotation marks you ask?

Well, that's due to the guild focusing mainly on the level 60 progression challenge. The progression challenge is where the guild focuses more on going from preraid gear to eventually tier gained from raids, instead of focusing mainly on getting BiS such as TBC blues (and as the rules state, these are not allowed within this guild).

Aside from raids, the guild may of course do pvp events and these MAY or MAY NOT allow true BiS (TBC gear with vanilla gear). The pvp events may range from battlegrounds, against each other or queuing together, or perhaps arenas (may be very imbalanced).

Anyways, the aim of the guild is to have fun and not be overly competitive, it is low level after all!

Thanks for reading,
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