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Guild Rules

The Guild Rules

Here are the following rules for the guild:

Here are the rules for the guild:

(1) You must start raiding using preraid blues/epics gear. You are not allowed to start raiding with raid epics. However, you are allowed to raid using raid epics earned through guild raids. Grand Marshal gear is not allowed to be used within raids. However, you can do as you like outside of raids and events.(Unless Guild Master says otherwise). If you are a DK then you will have to get preraid vanilla gear also. We will not allow the DK blues or greens during raids.

(2) TBC gear is not allowed during guild raids and events. (Unless Guild Masters says otherwise).

(3) Be respectful and helpful to your fellow guildies. Do not go out of your way to disrespect anybody. Elitism will not be tolerated, this guild is for fun.

(4) Vanilla enchants only!

(5) The guild bank is for storing materials needed for quests or crafting. If you wish to use the mats in order to craft then: (a) Must be for the benefit of the guild (b) You must state what you wish to use them for. If you abuse this e.g. instead sell the mats on the auction house then punishment may occur. You may store mats in the guild bank if you wish, however it is not compulsory, and other players will be allowed to use these mats. Materials such as the ones required for the legendary hammer will be stored in the guild bank and will not be available to players in the raids.

(6) Most important rule: Use common sense. Also, please be a rational person.

(7) No names with phrases such as "dotcom" as you will be ignored or mistaken for a third party services advertiser.

(8) Please don't treat this guild as an alt-dump. You will be kicked for inactivity (unless you give a reason why you are going to be away!). Anyone using the guild as an alt-dump may be blacklisted.